Why should I use Appoint?

Do you know the problem that you can not find the app you are looking for because there are so much apps installed on your device? If you do not just use a Samsung smartphone with sidebar, you have limited space for the most frequently used apps. But the number of installed apps is steadily increasing. Appoint is the solution.

App overview

What does Appoint do? Appoint provides a shortcut to the apps you have added. After installation, add your most frequently used apps in Appoint. There are four different categories: Apps, Games, Tools and System Features. So you can quickly find the app you want in Appoint. How does it work? Appoint creates a small dot overlaying all open apps. This allows you to quickly switch between your apps without having to go to the home screen or the menu first. Just click on the point and open the desired app. In order for Appoint to fit as perfectly as possible into your system, you can customize the display of the point in a variety of ways. On the one hand, you can completely hide the point and use the icon in the notification bar. On the other hand, there are many ways to adjust the point itself. The size, transparency and color can be easily changed. You can also add a custom image. Would not it be nice to always see a picture of your loved ones, no matter which app you are in? In order to adapt the handling of the overlying point to your needs, it is possible on the one hand to fix the point. On the other hand, you can position the point freely. This will allow you to move the point to another location, depending on which app you are in. Appoint is therefore the optimal solution for all smartphone users who frequently switch between apps and often use many different apps. Here you can download the app on Google Play.