In-App purchase in LED Blinker

Since the last major update of LED Blinker in August of this year, the user interface of the app is designed in modern material design. As a further major innovation there is an overview of the last notifications available. What does the new in-app purchase offer? As an in-app purchase is also available an overview of the latest news. The big hit here: You can now completely read incoming WhatsApp messages without the two check marks in WhatsApp being marked blue. This is handy if you do not want individual contacts to see that you have already read a message. However, you do not need to change the privacy settings in WhatsApp for all contacts. And another goodie of the in-app purchase … But the news overview offers even more. Even WhatsApp messages deleted by your contacts can now be displayed. You would like to know what your contact wrote to you – and then deleted? Then this feature is just right for you. This new feature is not limited to WhatsApp, it works for all messenger apps.