Search for beta tester

Beta testers wanted! Soon there will be a new version with some changes! Just go to the Goolge Play Store at the bottom of my app and get the new version at first!
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Important message and please give feedback

For a long time there was no update in the Playstore. That has a reason. Google requires a specific program version as of Nov. 2018
(Api 26,
This brings some changes to the app. Flashing speeds..

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[Expired] Full version on sale

2.49€ instead of 3,89€!

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In-App purchase in LED Blinker

Since the last major update of LED Blinker in August of this year, the user interface of the app is designed in modern material design. As a further major innovation there is an overview of the last notifications available.

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Benachrichtigung hinzufügen

LED Blinker Tip - Smart notifications

Do you know the smart notifications in LED Blinker yet?

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Short news: Smartphone recommendations

Check out my smartphone recommendations for my app LED Blinker Notifications.

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Changes in LED Blinker

Due to the new Google Play guidelines, there are some changes for LED Blinker.

First of all there are changes concerning the functionality of some parts of the app, because it is not pos…

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