Changes in LED Blinker

Due to the new Google Play guidelines, there are some changes for LED Blinker. First of all there are changes concerning the functionality of some parts of the app, because it is not possible to use the permissions to read the call log or sms any longer. This is why the function Choose color for contact does not longer exist for missed calls. You can use a Smart Notification instead. Just choose the dialer app and enter the contact’s name for the text, which has to be part of the notification. A further change in LED Blinker is, that additional confirmations by the user are required. This is why you have to give your approval for LED Blinker to access the list of your installed apps and your contacts in order to preserve all features of the app. These permissions are requested by Google Play in their new guidelines. Nevertheless there are no changes for you as the user of LED Blinker. The obtained data are used to show you personalized LED notifications. The data are not saved or transmitted in any way. It isn’t even possible for us to do so, because the app still has no permission to access the internet.